Jul 30, 2012

18 Awesome Thai Film Movie Posters

Total Recall
Remember our 70 Bootleg Movie Posters, courtesy of traveling movie shows in Ghana? There was something fascinating about seeing how different countries interpreted various movies in the US with a lack of official movie posters, using hand painted recreations to advertise the films being screened.

Once again we've stumbled into a veritable archive of amazing movie posters, this time from Thai movie theaters. I have to say that compared to the movie posters from Ghana though, these hand painted creations are masterpieces in comparison. All the posters seem to be characterized by a pastiche of iconic visual elements and scenes from the movies, with the film's main protagonists typically dominating the compositions. The colorful, bright and sensationalized micro-industry of Thai movie posters have become a part of the nation's cultural heritage, and I can definitely see why. Check out 17 more amazing movie posters after the break!

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