Jun 19, 2012

New Team Fortress 2 ARG?

Valve, you tease us so. Team Fortress 2 has just updated with the following items:
Goldfish, PocketLint, Cheese Wheel, Banana Peel, Barn Door Plank, Secret Diary & Damaged Capacitor, all of which can be viewed after the break. Each item features a cryptic, mysterious description hinting at some major reveal found through the standard "Item Drop" system in-game.

Speculation from the Facepunch forums suggests that the burnt diaries will reveal the video "Meet The Pyro" when enough are collected. The capacitors have 6.22 written on them, suggesting an update for this friday, which also hints at electronics, and the rumoured "Mann Vs.Machine" mode that's been highly hyped over the last few months whilst some are suggesting it's an ARG for Steam's annual Summer Sale. I guess we'll see soon enough but I wouldn't put it past Valve to just tease us like a kid with a magnifying glass. We are the ants, but if these hint towards a MAJOR update to the game update and don't lead to anything really soon I'll eat my oversized Mann Co. hat. And I'll just call it now, the Pyro is a damn female. We''ll find out soon enough.

Update: 25th June 2012
Update: 14th August 2012
Update: 15th August 2012

Where did the banana go? Sit down for this next part, because WE HAVE NO IDEA. Admit it, that's kind of mysterious.
This barn door plank doesn't look mysterious at all, until you view it at an atomic level. Hey, there's a horse there next to all those atoms. They're taking turns riding the horse. Man, how did a horse get there? Pretty darn mysterious
How did it get damaged? Who damaged it? What is a capacitor? Better get your tickets ready, because the mystery train is leaving the station. Or did it already leave? Another mystery!
This cheese doesn't seem so mysterious until you realize it's full of bullet holes. Somebody got to this cheese before it could talk.
Unlike other games we could mention, owning this won't trigger a sound file narrating secret diary entries. Why? Because we RESPECT THE PRIVACY of our characters. What are they hiding? Truly we live in MYSTERIOUS TIMES.
Does it strike you as mysterious that goldfish are neither MADE OF GOLD or EVEN FISH? Because it should. Also, goldfish ARE fish, we got that part wrong. TO GET YOU OFF THE SCENT!
Is it fabric lint? Navel lint you're keeping in your pocket so you don't lose it? Naval lint brushed from the hull of a battleship? This is pretty mysterious lint.

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