Mar 28, 2012

The Awesome Phuzzy Comics Of Monica Ray

Gamer peer pressure. This is my daily nightmare. (Via)
I recently stumbled onto Monica Ray's awesome slice of life webcomic through the awesome power of Twitter, which led me to Phuzzy Comics, home of her webcomic. Monica has been working on her autobiographical series for at least a year or two now, covering the everyday misdadventures/awesome times of herself, her roommate Cece and close friend Yuj, along with a whole other miscellaneous cast of people in her life.

What I absolutely loved about this comic were the sheer amount of relatable characters, who kind of closely resembled the type of people I went to college with just a short few years back. The idealists, antagonizers, friends for life, trolls, that friend obsessed with cats (Wait, that was me) and the other, typical ecclectic group of people you encounter during those years.

This webcomic has well developed personalities, a charming art style, and doesn't take itself too seriously..Which is a key ingredient in the formula for developing a feelgood webcomic. It was hard to not smile while going through the strips, so I'd highly recommend checking this out if you're looking for a comic to bookmark permanently. I've picked a small selection of sample webcomics after the break for you guys to check out, including her awesome Skyrim and Ico strips. You can find a ton more on her website!

Direct link to her website:

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