Mar 1, 2012

Art Of Oishiiniku

Oishiiniku, aka Nick Carver currently works as an artist at Blizzard following a stint at Crytek and the now defunctFree Radical. If you guys remember what happened to that company and its projects, most notably Time Splitters 4 and the next gen Star Wars: Battlefront it was a sad tale of a company disappearing in its prime (IMO). Oishiiniku got a lot of attention for his amazing and creative Timesplitters 4 concepts when the company went defunct, which helped get the word out about his skills.

Fast forward a few years later and Nick has been busy creating a little world of his own under the theme of 'Race For The Globe.' Concept artists typically create their own stories and themes to visually explore on their free time as a way to keep them well rounded, and give them contrast from what they typically do at work. Check out nine more images after the break!

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