Feb 9, 2012

Double Fine Asks Fans To Directly Fund Their Next Title

Double Fine has consistently proven to gamers that every game they develop is filled to the brim with pure fun and entertainment. Some of you assholes might hold disappointment with their last major console release, Brutal Legends (P.S. you're not an asshole, I just love the game), but their later Xbox Live Arcade titles more than make up for it. What's in line for their next project? A modern-day Point-and-Click adventure game completely funded by you. 

In an interesting and bold move, Double Fine has created a Kickstarter asking for fans to donate in order to directly fund the development of their next title. Even more interesting, is Double Fine's promise to keep the community involved with the process by providing a documentary style series (filmed by 2 Player Production) showcasing the game's entire development. When you donate, not only are you allowing Double Fine to prove that Point-and-Click adventure games aren't dead, you're also being given the chance to directly influence how the game turns out. If that doesn't make Double Fine one of the most badass game studios out there, I don't know what does.

Even more amazing is how quickly the Kickstarter has reached it's goal, in less than 24 hours, the gaming community has already surpassed Double Fine's request for $400,000. With 33 days to go, and the rate fans are helping fund this project, Double Fine could be sitting on over $14,000,000 of fan donations, f*ck yeah! Don't worry they're not going to spend the spare money on toys and drugs, all money will go into the game's development as well as the documentary.

If you're wanting to help out (which I highly suggest you do, this could lead to some incredible industry change) head over to their kickstarter page here! They have some seriously awesome rewards for pledgers.

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