Dec 28, 2011

The Best Of AwesomeRobo! 2011 Edition

Hell yes! One year down.

We've had a great year here at AwesomeRobo, and decided to prepare a mega post commemorating the most explosively viral, incredible posts that helped put us on the map since our debut in February. In some ways some of the posts that went viral left us scratching our heads, but that's the beauty of online content..There's really no way of predicting if its going to take off. 

On behalf of the team, I'd like to thank all our readers for giving us one hell of a first year and helping us surpass our wildest expectations for how AwesomeRobo would fare. Without further ado, check out our ten 'best of' posts from this year after the break!

1)18 Vintage Mugshots From The Twenties

I recently stumbled onto these amazing mugshots of Australian inmates of all kinds. Whores, gangsters, fraudsters, and crooks of every kind circa 1920. (Read More)

2)10 Mini Wonders From Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli's Disparity series takes the art of Macrophotography (Close up photography of very small subjects) and spices up his subjects by adding in tiny miniature people doing various activities, adding a wonderfully surreal, fun feel to all his pieces. (Read More) 

3) 70 Bootleg Movie Posters

These movie posters were all created by artists in Ghana to promote traveling movie shows and sell tickets to bootleg screenings of various western and local movies. (Read More)

4) Leonard Nimoy Is Lazy

This is by far the most random, unexpected cameo I would have expected in a bloody Bruno Mars track...but hey, its happened. Hell has frozen over: Leonard Nimoy in a bathrobe, playing with nunchuks, peeing in a sink, smoking a good one and just being as lazy as possible for Bruno Mars' aptly titled track, "Lazy Song." (Read More)

5) 'The Broship Of The Rings' Should Be A Real Thing

I really hope the trend of going full bro-mode on beloved trilogies catches on, because these pieces by artist Noelle Stevenson are just too damn good. I can only imagine the insanity of a game of beer pong between Gimli and Legolas, and the constant nagging of Gollum as everyone tries to figure out who the hell invited him. (Read More)

6) This Is Umetarou

Umetarou is absolutely awesome, everything you could ever want out of a dog. This 2 year old border Collie is eager to please and full of unconditional love. He's literally glowing. (Read More) 

7) The Art Of Jeremy Enecio

I recently ran into a stunning portfolio of art by Jeremy Enecio, a Phillipines born illustrator who migrated to the US when he was four. His work is absolutely beautiful, and even when he works digitally his work retains an incredibly painterly feel. (Read More)

8) Ordinary People, Disposable Objects

Idan Friedman, an Israeli artist created this really cool set of embossed, disposable aluminum trays for the sake of showing off how something mundane can be transformed into a work of art. (Read More) 

9) Kwi Chang: Lego Master? More Like Lego God

I recently stumbled into a mind blowing gallery of lego pieces by a Flickr user called Kwi Chang.  I've seen a ton of cool Lego work in my time, but my god...This man is insane.  His mastery of using the medium is beyond anything I've ever seen. (Read More)

10) Locked In A Hotel With An Insane Camera

So what do you do when you're stuck in a Las Vegas room with nothing to do and a Phantom Flex camera nearby that costs up to $150,000?  The guy who made this video, Tom Guillmette decided to have some fun with it. (Read More)

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