Dec 20, 2011

Batman: Arkham Inc.

The Bat now has a free skin for you to use. Sell-out. (Via)
Rocksteady Studio loves you, Arkham City sold very well indeed! As a token of their appreciation, they will be offering a brand new Batman Inc. Batsuit skin absolutely free! You will be able to download the skin tomorrow from Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and Games for Windows Marketplace.

In case you weren't in the know, Batman Incorporated (also known as Batman, Inc.) was a 2010-2011 American comic book ongoing series, written by Grant Morrison and involved Batman taking hiswar on crime to the next level, by essentially "franchising" it and drafting, training and commanding a global team of heroes who would answer to Batman himself. Bruce Wayne travels across the world, seeking to use the symbolic power Batman has on a global scale. Wayne is featured wearing a new costume designed by David Finch, to further distinguish him from Dick Grayson who replaced Bruce Wayne after he got hit by the magic time bullet which tore Bruce Wayne through time, and was thought dead by the rest of the DC universe. COMICS EVERYONE!

Rocksteady have also revealed how players can select any alternative Batman skin and play them in the main game. Before, the players would first have to complete the campaign before using any of the super sweet skins. All you have to do is input following combination on the Main Menu screen:

- Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down. You will get an audio confirmation. I love this old school approach to unlocking content, and free DLC? All the better.

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