Aug 18, 2011

"Take Your Medicine" by Transfer Is Amazingly Original

Music videos continue to be my favorite form of video, it allows the director to interpret the song visually with whatever ideas pop into their head. Usually, these videos are great companions to the music, but rarely am I blown away. It's even rarer for me to watch a music video and think, "How the f**k did this come to be made?" With great success, Transfer's Take Your Medicine, has ignored anyone anyone comprehension I had for imagination and shat on it. This video is insane, but in every good way possible.

Director, Nader Husseini, has done something deeply original with this music video, something hard to do in an industry filled to the brim with some of the worlds most creative and artistic minds. The creature design is beautiful and the flow of the song fits unbelievably well with the video's tone. It definitely helps that I dig Transfer's sound.

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