May 18, 2011

Portal 2: Rated E for Everybody... Except for Orphans

Portal 2 is apparently educational, insensitive and E for everybody (E10+). Jokes, what are they Fatty fatty no parents?

It's a puzzle game for a wide range of different audiences with nothing offensive in the material matter. The fact of the matter is the joke was taken out of context; the joke was that Wheatley's attempt at insult was so pathetic (which GLaDOS clarifies), but of course isn't aired.
But alas, I'm still holding onto my copy, I'm not adopted. Though I am human, so I find just about every human joke offensive. Valve, please rectify this and make all the jokes more human friendly.

Don't you just LOVE it when news stations do research on the subject matter?

1 comment:

  1. IDIOTS. Retarded, ignorant newscasters and a retarded dad who doesn't understand context. Slow day at the news station.