May 26, 2011

16 Awesome Sprites By Andy Heimz

Ghostbusters: Taking care of Slimer. (Via)
I recently ran into an awesome Tumblr called OkTotally featuring original sprite animation tributes to classic movies and videogames done by the artist Andy Heimz. All his sprites feature memorable moments and characters recreated in his very own style. It kind of reminds me of Sword and Sorcery, with a little dash of Atari 5200. Everything from Jurassic Park to Legend of Zelda done in this style after the jump!

Link mastering defense.

Kill Bill: Episode 2

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Tusken Raider raging from Star Wars!

Army Of Darkness!  Chainsaw arm.

Jesse Ventura in a Predator game I'd totally play.

Gollum doing what he does best.

Sloth and Chunk: The Goonies.

Bishop from Aliens in a game that would put ET for Atari to shame.

Snake boxing it up from Metal Gear Solid
Stormtrooper wave!
Grant standing his ground like a BOSS.

Krang flailing about all angry like, TMNT.

If you liked what you saw, go give Andy Heimz some props over on his awesome Tumblr: OkTotally!


  1. like a boss lol, these remind me of games on the the c64

  2. Awesome! I want to play Monkey Island now. . .