Apr 17, 2011

Your Childhood Dies With This Post

I loved bouncy castles as a kid. Now, I view them as a bouncy inflatable funhouses of death.
A dust devil (a strong, well-formed, and relatively long-lived whirlwind) blew a bouncy castle 15 feet into the air, over a fence and into the middle of a busy highway - with the children still inside it.

Tanya Ali, nine, and Saif Akram, ten, had been playing inside the castle at a children's festival in Tucson, Arizona, when a whirlwind built up behind them.  Tanya underwent a five-hour operation to treat a broken shoulder, leg and several fractures to her face.
You can read more here, but it might just put you off having fun. Bouncing just seems unnatural from this point on.

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