Apr 19, 2011

The Governator Likely To Have Humor

About two weeks ago the news broke for Arnold Schwarzenegger's next project, The Governator. While some people(mostly me) weren't all too thrilled for Arnold's animated debut, the news of Steven Banks(Spongebob and Jimmy Neutron) leading the writing team brings hope. While I doubt Banks will be the show's saving grace, I do have hopes that there will be some great gags.

While I love the idea of having an animated Arnold Schwarzenegger series, I feel as if the team is going about this the wrong way. Rather than being a tongue-in-cheek cartoon based on 80's-90's cartoons, it seems to be following a more serious route, a route that I want no part in. I would love to see a more adult oriented series, but that seem very unlikely at this point. (via)

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  1. I honestly thought this was going to be an april fools joke. Hm...Any word on what network this will screen? Takes me back to the old days of celebrity cartoons.