Apr 19, 2011

Portal 2 Makes Amazing Marketing Move

PC gamers have booted up their copies of Portal 2 this morning to discover a cool suprise. What was it? Find out after the jump! (Beware, spoilers for this awesome extra will be below!)

Hidden in Portal 2's extras menu is an "interactive trailer" for Spielberg and J.J. Abram's upcoming monster movie, Super 8. I'm about to go pick up my copy for PS3 with the free PC version (Seriously, thanks again Valve), so I can't confirm if it's just the PC version that contains this interactive trailer but this is an amazing move by Valve, and is a whole new marketing technique I can't wait to mess around with and see used in the near future for other movies.

Supposedly the interactive trailer is a playable version of the original teaser (below, I won't link the video of the footage because I really want it to be a surprise, without some silly, unneeded commentary), with plenty of secrets and goodies and hints. I love J.J's last viral attempt (the Cloverfield viral campaign was one of the best I've ever played) and this one is really ramping up to be something special. This playable trailer is unique, and just shows Valve really understand the future of the market, and really is the company that just keeps on giving.

Portal 2 is out today, expect reviews soon. Super 8 will be released on 10th of June.

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  1. After the Cleavland Steamer that was Cloverfield, and the meh that was the Star Trek reboot, I'm going to pass on Super 8... JJ makes crap, but he's brilliant at marketing it so people gobble it up like a bacon on bacon sandwich.

    Note to self, go buy Portal 2, and ping pong between it & the latest Minecraft release..