Apr 27, 2011

Immortals Trailer

Hmm..I've loved the more surreal work of Tarsiem (The Cell, The Fall), but after watching this trailer the movie comes off as a '300 with Gods' mashup. And a cheesy one at that. Whenever a movies claim to fame is that it was made by some odd staff member from a well known movie, its typically a red flag for me. They're not shy about it in the trailer, claiming that its made by the 'Producers of 300.' So lets see, slow mo fighting followed by sudden speed ups?  Check! Everything filmed on a green screen? Check! Hopefully Tarsem will have enough say to make this something a little more memorable than 300.  How do you guys feel about the trailer?


  1. This looks just as cheesy as Clash Of The Titans. I might watch this for laughs alone.

  2. This doesn't look like something Tarsem would make.