Apr 20, 2011

How Not To Discourage Piracy

If I was a big company, this is exactly how I wouldn't go about discouraging such a practice.  This is just a laughably bad ad created by people who couldn't be more out of touch with the way the internet reacts to videos like this (Peruse the comments on the video for a good laugh).  Piracy probably just spiked up by about 45,000% as a result of this video.  We don't endorse downloading stuff, but we sure know when something is going to backfire terribly.  Yarrrr.


  1. Yeah, we get this on DVD's all the time in the UK (VERY similar in tone and style and idiocy). Blurays.....not so much.

  2. Ha - very naive look look at the whole thing. A pro downloader always have movies ready to watch. Plus if you watch movies on your PC - who needs DVD's anyway? Just taking up space