Apr 28, 2011

15 Last Suppers

Inmate #1:  KFC 5 piece chicken, fries, chili, chocolate milk.
This series was created seperately by photographer James Reynolds and the Brooklyn based Chef/Artist
Julia Ziegler Haynes respectively (Her website is currently down).  At different points in time they decided to recreate the last meals of various death row inmates from around the nation and photograph them as a series. Its a tad on the morbid side, but its really curious to see how inmates handled this last request....A chance to eat anything they wanted, a last chance to enjoy something they probably hadn't had in years.

More final meals after the jump.
Inmate #2: 6 Cokes, one cracker.
Inmate #3:  Donut with sprinkles, chocolate milk.
Inmate #4: Hamburger, 6 hard boiled eggs, coffee.
Inmate #5: Fruit medley.  Mango, coconut, grapes, pineapple, banana, apple, and a kiwi.
Inmate #6: A single pitted olive.
Inmate #7: 2 Cokes, one raw onion, pack of gum.

Inmate #8: Pack of Pall Mall, matches.
Inmate #9: 2 tubs of Haagen Dazs Vanilla ice cream, assorted ice cream cones.
Inmate #10: Pitcher of coffee.
Inmate #11: Filet mignon wrapped in bacon, de-veined shrimp sauteed in garlic butter with lemon, fully loaded baked potato, corn on the cob, asparagus with hollandaise, French bread with butter, goat cheese, cantaloupe, apple pie with vanilla ice cream, and an iced tea.
Inmate #12: A lobster tail, french fries, coleslaw, banana pudding and a glass of milk.
Inmate #13: Half-gallon of vanilla ice cream, a box of Whoopers and assorted ice cream cones.
Inmate #14: Fried chicken, french fries, hot peppers, corn on the cob, ketchup and hot sauce.
Inmate #15: Foot long chili dog with everything, french fries, dill pickle, strawberry ice cream, and a 7up.


  1. Definitely interesting to see what some people would choose. Some definitely looked better than others! Considering that most (if not all) of those on death row are there because they murdered someone, it's sad to think their victims didn't get to choose their last meal. Though admittedly, I don't think I could really enjoy such a meal if I knew it was my last. Cool list!

  2. The cracker and six cokes guy cracked me up. I feel kind of bad about that.

  3. i would want raw hamburger meat