Mar 31, 2011

Wonder Woman's Magnificent Costume change

Remember the Wonder Woman costume I posted a while back? The producers heard our cry, and made the suit look far better. It's less based off her pant-suit look and go towards something more akin to her original and most famous costume.

Still, I can't help but think; the costume is improved but did they still want the boobs nearly popping out? As impractical as the previous costume looked, you have to wonder if there intention was to have a Janet Jackson type slip for Adrianne Palicki.

Either way, check out some new shots after the jump.


  1. yeah, definitely waiting for a Lucy Lawless - national anthem moment....

  2. i'm okay with the boobs. but i don't understand why she's wearing pants. boy shorts would do a lot to balance out the outfit. i mean, i thought we were going for exploitation here.