Mar 29, 2011

Tonight I ordered Dominos

If you didn't know, Dominos allows you to make requests when ordering a pizza online. Tonight I asked for a drawing of Yoda riding a Tauntaun. Ask and ye shall receive.


  1. I do believe I'll have to order dominos the next time I get pizza.

  2. thats amazing. so trying it next time i order dominos

  3. I never liked Dominos' pizza.

    When I was in the states once, I was staying in a rough area. The closest thing to food was a blasted Dominos that was less than a block on a well lighted street.

    The first time I went in there was a 2 for 1 pickup special. I'd agreed to get some poorer people in the motel pizza.

    I walked in and I could not see anyone. I was close to calling 911 when a door opened and a bunch of people walked out of a very small area.

    The smoke from the burning dope was wafting all over the place.

    I gave my order to a really stoned young woman.

    While I was waiting for them to be made, I asked the young woman, "Aren't you going to share a little amount of that dope?"

    She looked at me like I had just sprouted another head. Then she wandered back to the prep area. Then she came back and handed me a joint.

    I lit it and drug in a pull hard. Before I could hit it again, the young woman screamed, "Come and see the old mooch smoke our dope."

    They messed up the pizzas so bad they gave them to me for free. I tipped what the cost would have been.

  4. This article was just made further awesomer by the story above. :)

  5. That...That was amazing. Hahahaha

  6. Not that I don't like this, but this has been done many times before. Check some of these out:

    Store asks customer to choose between dragons drawn by three different employees and call back:

    List of several instances where requests for drawings on pizza boxes were fulfilled:

    My favorite, the first request like this I ever saw (reasonably complex):

  7. I worked at Domino's 20 years ago as a first job. Our manager was arrested one night, right during dinner rush. Turns out, he was snorting coke all those times he was locked back in his office.

    I was so naive, I didn't believe it until he came back to get his things after getting out of jail, and told me to my face. "Why do you think I was always so energetic?"