Mar 23, 2011

Rocket Poppeteers is actually going somewhere?!

It's no mystery that Super 8 looks goddamn incredible (at least from what we've seen in the newest trailer). On the other hand the viral campaign, Rocket Poppeteers, became an huge disappointment incredibly fast. Originally visiting major U.S. cities and passing out popsicles, the campaign began to set it's roots on the website Rocket Poppeteers. Being the ARG lover I am, I decided to jump on board expecting a beautiful Cloverfield-esque mystery to unfold.

Instead a got a sh**ty certificate in the mail with a code. What's worse is that it was a code that I couldn't even use until the website was fully operational, which it still is not. It is almost as bad as being denied sex at the just after copious amounts of foreplay because your girlfriend is too interested in Jersey Shore. 

Thankfully, I received an e-mail today stating, "Answer these questions successfully to add points to you and your Fleet’s total and improve your chances of earning the designation: Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut! Fleets with high scores earn extra responsibility within the Poppeteers family. You may even receive special recognition from Captain Cooper himself!"

Then I visit the link:

F*** this, I quit.

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  1. How not to do an ARG. Jesus christ they dropped the ball on this one.