Mar 21, 2011

Reading/Leeds 2011 Line-Up Leaked Early (UK)

I have it on VERY good authority from a few of my sources that this is the official Reading/Leeds Line-Up that will be announced at 7:00PM GMT. Tickets will be available at 7:15PM GMT (So in 45 minutes!), and if the last few years are any indicator you might want to grab them straight away. 

Last year tickets sold out in a matter of minutes. I have mine already (year in advance sale), but I might be selling it for a Friday ticket; apart from a few bands here and there, the only bands I want to see are on Friday.

UPDATE:  Like my sources confirmed, this line-up is official. Tickets, as of writing are still available. If you are planning on buying tickets, please buy it from official sources and not just sites randomly found on google like 

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  1. This makes me wanna cry... I so want to be there!