Mar 30, 2011

New Hawken Trailer Appears!

I think the game I've been wanting to play for all my life is coming soon.  Featuring the art of renown concept artist Khang Le the game is being developed by Adhesive Games, the team that was originally working on Project Offset before they got shut down by Intel.  Tecatezilla posted about the initial reveal a little bit ago.

For an indie game its looking bloody amazing.  The first person trailer makes it look even better, with gorgeously detailed cockpits and some pretty hair firefights.  My question is, what system will we see a game like this on? As of now details are scant, but I'm looking forward to more details as they leak.  Its always inspiring when an independent team manages to make a game that looks just as as good, is more creative, and manages to be more exciting than a 50 million dollar sequel to a stale franchise.

Wallpaper after the jump!  Check out for more details.

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