Feb 26, 2011

The Truth Behind Charlie Sheen

If you haven't heard what has happened with Charlie Sheen.....where have you been? In a new twist outside of the Drug-Induced Sex Porn Mansion (do your research, it's all true sirs), turns out calling your executive producer a "piece of s**t" might not be a great call.

Sheen had been conducting several interviews where he was making some pretty notable statements about the decision by CBS, Warner Bros. and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre to temporarily (at the time) shut down production this season due to Sheen's ongoing substance abuse problems and the associated legal and medical scenarios surrounding him.

You can hear the interview here. Also, in a new moment of bad choices, he wrote an open letter aimed at Chuck Lorre for not putting Two And A Half men back into production this season, he used a few....choice words. I really don't think the show has long to live.

So, all of us here at Awesome Robo talked to some sources, and we managed to get the leak of the last episode, leaked for your pleasure:

We love you, Mr Sheen.

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