Feb 25, 2011

The Running Man

Perhaps one of the most complete-story shorts of the then-modern anime and ridiculously infamous for not being elaborated on.

This six minute short established a plot I found incredibly intriguing with an amazing look that hasn't been replicated since.  I found the plot of this tiny short more intriguing than dozens of movies I've seen in the last few years.  Anime in the eighties had a very gritty, realistic cyberpunk style that is seldom found anymore.  I remember reading about a follow-up film/book expansion called "Season of an Id" back in the late 90's but nothing ever came of it.   Its a pity.

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  1. Yeah what did happen to those animes from the 80's? I lost interest when all the crap that's being imported is about trading card battles and little pets fighting each other. I miss the old days. Lots of post-apocalyptics and cyberpunks animes.