Feb 26, 2011

Real Steel: Best Movie Premise Ever

This seems too good to be true. I'm guessing that some Hollywood writer, bored of writing reboots of eighties movies recently went to the Toy Store with his son and found a dusty box of Rock Em Sock Em Robots tucked away behind Pokemon Monopoly and experienced divine script inspiration.

Spoilers: Pretty much the movie in a nutshell.
The premised of the movie is absolutely hilarious, starring Hugh Jackman as a washed up fighter who trains a scrappy junkyard bot to be a champion.  I mean, how many drugs was Hugh Jackman on to sign up for this?  Either way, I'm still going to drop money into watching a film adaptation of a game I used to play as a kid.  You've won me over, Real Steel.


  1. I believe it was Adam Quiggley from /Film that perfectly summated why this movie is going to be utter trash. It simultaneously explains why and why not the premise is interesting: "The human body can only take so much / But the steel never stops."

    However, I'd love to see it just for the off chance Hugh Jackman could step into the ring and fight a robot himself. Maybe he could shout "BRING IT!" during it too.

  2. Original Twilight Zone has an episode along these lines :)

  3. Oh really? What episode was that? I thought the premise sounded familiar.

  4. It's based on a Richard Matheson short story ("Steel") that was also used for the Twilight Zone.