Feb 21, 2011

Public Transit Simulator

A magical thing happened earlier this afternoon. I was taking a lavender bubble bath in an ivory bathtub up in my tower of pretension when a courier hawk flew in and dropped a nuclear bomb of hot gaming news into my lap. Without further adieu, hit the jump to see the video which simulates the operation of a double-decker omnibus to painstaking technical detail:

As a frequent passenger on public transit buses, I have a certain affinity for the dreary experiences of having to ride on these things. Commuting itself even is deserving of simulation, but Aerosoft's Der Omnibussimulator is a decent compromise. From what I can extract from the video, the simulator perfectly recreates the ambient noises of loose, rattling panels; groaning engines; and whining joints. Disappointingly, the people you pick up are laughably stiff and detached from reality (perhaps a side-effect of the cloning facility from whence they came). However, if their animation is tweaked and updated to the same degree of realism as their transportation, their glassy-eyed and vapid stares would be dead-on impressions (save for the lack of iPod headphones).

I wanna take you for a ride.
What gets me most excited about this simulator is the fantasy fulfillment of arriving at my scheduled destinations 20 minutes late, missing bus stops by driving in the wrong direction, pulling over randomly during my route to refill my coffee at a fast-food restaurant, and recreating the movie Speed.

An English version of the game is available here.

(via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)


  1. I don't know about this... I want to steal the bus like on GTA.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX3Fc0fBfWc

    This was playing in my brain the whole time I was watching the video for the game XD