Feb 25, 2011

Ke$ha Video Is Hype

Every now and again, mainstream pop artists end up in a perfect artistic marriage with a music video director, delivering something a truly unforgettable and unique. Today, Ke$ha released a video for her song Blow, a whiskey-coated club track that does little to dissuade her trashy image. Director Chris Marrs Piliero (who has directed several videos for The Black Keys in the past) starts things off as a simple unicorn-filled, Lynchian take on the traditional hyper-sexualized pop genre, and it slowly transitions into something totally inspired.

Without spoiling much, the video hits the perfect balance of unicorns, lasers, rainbows, sketchy acting and James Van Der Beek. For the attention deficient among you, skip to 2:40, that's when things turn the hell up.


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  2. so she pulls her bra off by breaking the strap, so then he pulls out his bra by breaking the strap? That was amazing. while Ke$ha might be about to blow some unicorns while doing blow, this song definitely blows. Watching it one more time...