Feb 21, 2011

I May Be Wrong (But I Doubt It)

If you're a freak like me, you watched the NBA All-Star game last night. The East (which mostly just consisted of Celtics and Heat starters) was narrowly defeated by the West, despite a huge 4th quarter rally. If you're wondering -- no -- this year's All-Star circus wasn't at all different from any other All-Star game; players, as usual, stood around watching their adversaries dunk on them while the audience's patience grew more and more thin.

 As the coaches both awkwardly fumbled around trying to distribute time to all the players, we were treated to a highfalutin display of athleticism and aerobatics. The result more resembled NBA Jam than an actual professional basketball game (I may be wrong, but I doubt it). Nevertheless, the weekend was a roller coaster of highs and lows for basketball fans, and one of those highs was this music video gem starring Charles Barkley (who celebrated his 48th Sunday).

The music video above is directed by Spike Lee who gets his Tim and Eric on, directing the lovable trash-talking teddy bear, Charles Barkley. It's an odd smorgasbord of memes and pseudo pop culture references, based upon the Cool-N-Dre remix and T-mobile commercial of similar ilk. Lee and Barkley don't take themselves too seriously in this video, and I respect that lightheartedness. In the comments below, tell us what you thought of the All-Star weekend and what references you can spot in the video!

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  1. Yeah the all star game was a damn joke. But I agree, this video made it all worth it.