Feb 24, 2011

30 WTF Canned Foods

Nothing like soggy wheat bread to get my day started right.
In honor of the crazy ass things we put in cans because we're too lazy to prepare them ourselves, we present our newest list... 30 WTF Canned Foods!

The best part about these? No refrigeration required. Enjoy your e-coli!
No grilling required. Just slap these suckers on a bun and vomit later.
Roadkill casserole.
Canned muffins, more than meets the eye.
Not going to lie, these can be good.
Christmas dinner in a can. Save time, money, and dignity!
No frills packaging.
With the texture of snot, whats not to love?
Just add water!
Diseased, cancerous beans. A delicacy in Mexico, with the aftertaste of Black plague.
AKA: The devils bacon.
Stored in squid ink for your pleasure.
Now that is a damn good deal.
Beautiful packaging on this one. Flies off store shelves.
If you serve this on top of pizza your head might just explode.
King Oscar recommends a fish load in your mouth.
Au Jus just makes it so much fancier.
Fried chicken minus all the texture of fried chicken. Great idea!
A treat for cows, not humans.
Boar spam never caught on in most Western countries.
I love my chicken extra gelatinous. Thanks Sweet Sue!
Pretty straightforward! And just as gross.
Considering that rattlesnakes have around 90,000 bones, this is going to be a pain.
Great for football nights.
Bayou flavored!
Feed it to your kids and watch them scream.
The phallic innuendo trio never fails to please!
Thanks for looking!


  1. huitlacoche is not diseased or cancerous beans. they are corn, that has been infected with a specific kind of fungus. do your homework.

  2. ^ "Infected with a specific kind of fungus" doesn't sound much better.

  3. I have a can at home: Spotted Dick


  4. Hey I've eaten pussy, I guess I can eat Huitlacoche. (la coochi)

  5. frog legs ... so good, they're listed twice!

  6. grass jelly with a bit of honey is super delicious.

  7. I'm honestly surprised that the photo I snapped of a can of Fish Assholes a few years back didn't make it on here... I see that photo floating all over the internets now.

  8. Buenisimo, que raras comidas.


  9. hahahaha "Infected" is not the correct word hahaha but thinkyou can eat mushrooms, its the same but in this case it grows in the corn

  10. jaja si aca en mexico los narcos ya asta meten marihuana en latas por aca no es nada raro eso

  11. Se me antojo el calamar y el cocodrilo. Ya no me preocupa divorciarme, se que allá fuera hay una gran variedad de comidas enlatadas esperandome.

  12. Had some canned kimchi before - decent idea, poor execution. Just some mushy, semi-spicy cabbage.

    I'd totally try the PB&J Candwich or the bacon though.

  13. The huitlacoche is not beans, it's worst than that it is a fungus that grows on corn. ewww!!!!

  14. Pretty sure the muffins are emergency rations (災害=disaster); they're probably not delicious but probably are packed with life-preserving calories.