Jan 22, 2011

Always Bet On Duke: My Duke Nukem Love Story

A new trailer just popped up for Duke Nukem Forever, a game that to many was a thing of legend.  Vaporware.  There was even a website dedicated to tracking everything that had happened since the game was announced back in April, 1997.  Found here, btw.

Duke Nukem is special to me because it was one of my first introductions to PC gaming.  I remember my friend Mike showing me the game in early 1996 on his computer on a tiny screen with 320x240 resolution.  It blew me away.  Up till then all I had ever had was a Nintendo with the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo.  You could say I had an anemic videogame childhood.

To make a jump from Mario to this changed me.  The graphics, the one liners, the raunchy themes and fun gameplay..It made me realize that I wanted more videogames in my life.  I now work in the videogame industry as an artist, and I can thank that path to that one evening with my friend.

I've waited so long for this game and I will play it regardless of what people think of it.. I never stopped believing that this game would eventually come out.  Anyone remember that summer 2001 trailer? It looked insane for the time, but I guess George Broussard(The very indecisive head of 3dRealms) still felt it wasn't ready.

The game faced oblivion in 2009, when 3d Realms announced that they had lost funding and laid everyone off..But for some reason I felt it was going to work out.  A game under development for 13 years doesn't simply disappear.  Gearbox stepped in to repay a favor for all the support 3d Realms had provided them when they were small.  A big thing for a company to do during the games darkest hour.

At the end of the day, the game industry needs an iconic asskicker to return and show them what a protagonist should be about, kicking ass and chewing bubblegum.  Coming May 6, 2011...FINALLY.  Its about damn time, I'm glad I never gave up on the Duke.

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