Nov 9, 2010

The Good Old Days Of Lucas

These are a few images we scrounged up from the original Star Wars sets.  With the announcement of more remakes of the classics, let us mourn the loss of Lucas' sanity.  The brain parasites have finally become fully active, warranting 6 3d remakes and an original trilogy that takes place after the events of the first 6 movies.

Seriously, Lucas?  We'd rather buy the original, unedited, unmodified releases of the original trilogy..Not the shit laden visual FX diarrhea of the re-releases and new trilogy.  Let us remember a simpler time.


  1. I heard something about new star wars movies?

  2. .....Lucas should stop while he is ahead, or work on the new movies.

  3. @Rezden George Lucas commented that he wanted to use the 3d movies to payroll the new series. Poor guy doesn't have enough money.