Oct 27, 2010


Ah, Zardoz. This title brings many things to mind: Leotards, floating heads, green bread, body hair, scottish accents and more! In our opinion this movie represents the highest point of Sean Connery's career.

You ask yourself, what is Zardoz? In some ways its a movie that defined a generation of filmmakers. Imagine what type of movie you'd make if high on eigtheen different narcotics, without a script(from what we could tell) and on a ridiculous budget with an art house mentality.

Its so pretentious and full of itself thats its hysterical to watch. All the oh so subtle social commentary diarrhea is concealed within a hilariously cheesy post apocalytpic setting. The basic gist is that Sean Connery, a savage manages to get himself into the realm of the utopian overlords that now run the world(Dirty, dirty hippies) and all wacky hell breaks loose.  We won't spoil it too much.

Think Demolition Man meets the 70's. Why are we bringing this movie up? Its now on Netflix, so get your friends together and experience this gem of cinematic history. You do not have to be high to enjoy this movie, as they already took care of that. Let the trailer do the majority of the talking.

And remember kids, the penis is evil...The gun is good.